"Thanks, Staci. Nice job! Look forward to having you look after Emeril in the future.  Your daily text updates were great".

Dan and Julie - Scottsdale, AZ

"We appreciate all you did and the care you gave to Becca, Sierra, and Joe.  We are looking forward to our upcoming trip knowing you will be here for them".

Greg and Susan...Scottsdale

"Staci's knowledge of and concern for pets make her the ideal sitter".

Pat and Adrian...Scottsdale


"Staci, you did an outstanding job caring for our beloved dogs, Oskar and Cleo.  We came home to find them happy and healthy and very content.  Thanks so much.  We'll call you whenever we go out of town again!"

Steve and Patricia...Scottsdale




"I can't say enough good things about Staci and the care she provided for my cat, Sumi.  Although it was my first time engaging her pet-sitting services, it was clear to me from the first consultation visit the care and devotion she puts into her work.  She listened attentively to my instructions and wrote them down in detail.  She also provided helpful paperwork and asked thoughtful and relevant questions- demonstrating her attention to detail and her level of experience.  I never had to second guess that she knew what she was doing.  All of this was further demonstrated over the time of my absence as she applied everything I told her without exception and fully lived up to the commitments she made.  It was so easy to tell that Staci has a true love for animals -- she admitted to me to spending more than her typically allotted time with Sumi simply because she enjoyed it (at no extra charge of course!).  This love also shone through the frequent updates and pictures she would text, as well as the detailed write-ups she provided for each day's activities.  She makes sure each detail is addressed -- down to the state of Sumi's 'deposits' =).  When Sumi got into his (what-was-supposed-to-be-secure) store of food and had fun both eating it and spreading it around the apartment, Staci quickly notified me and then spent considerable time cleaning up his mess.  Her damage control was so thorough that I would never had known anything had happened.  Sumi means the world to me, and it felt so reassuring to have someone as trustworthy as Staci taking care of him so that I could enjoy my vacation without concern.  Both Sumi and I look forward to using her again!  Thank you again, Staci =)"